How does she keep up!! With all the beauty and paparazzi and gossips all over about her and still remain up there? How? How does she also maintain her social life? Let alone social media,am speaking of the people around her,her family and also her better half. Here is a situation,she lives alone,away from her family and him. She works round the clock, and I mean 24/7. When does she even make calls? She gets home all beat up and head ringing of “bed”.
Following day, she wakes up at the first ring of her alarm, no car, sleep-malnourished and with huge bags of her costumes , she heads to the bus stop for her agenda of the day. It becomes a routine. She has to look good for the camera… Plaster that smile and look like she just had an eight-hour sleep and a king’s breakfast. So unfair.
I speak this with a two-day experience. Just recently was I appointed to feature in a video shoot for one of my oldest and dearest friends… I was excited at first…. Couldn’t wait for the d-day…. I mean.. I will be on Telly looking all fab with the make-up on and stunning dresses..all dolled up. Yay! The thrill up my spine… Damn.!
It came. First I woke up early,barely slept anyway. BIENG one of the main girls,I couldn’t afford being late. At the CBD, freezing and thinking,got a feeling I forgot something. Got to the venue and as the day unraveled,I asked myself how does she keep up, all of them, how do they, and when they have family? How?? I couldn’t wait for the day and some scenes could be accomplished on that day so the spill over was on the following day, I was tired and cold and hungry. I couldn’t take it anymore. No I couldn’t.

Finally, it was over and now I want to see the fruits of my labour. I still ask myself that very same query… How does she do it?



         An addiction is a the continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences.I know what you are thinking.Well now there are more addictions other than drugs.One can be addicted to food,the computer,exercising,gambling and many more.Not forgetting the obvious thought you had  of drugs.I am not talking about that though. My kind of addiction is what a simple smile can do to someone. Have you ever walked around and you are all absorbed in your mind and thoughts….and suddenly you catch a glimpse of someone smiling at you… even though they do not notice it… it totally changes your day.

        A smile is the best curve anyone can possess so did someone say… and so who am i to disagree. I cannot count all the times i have even smiled at myself on the mirror and actually made my own day. Self-centered? you think? Back to my addiction story. A smile is addictive.A smile is all the addiction one should always possess. So how about we all continue repeating  this behavior despite its adverse consequences.You will never know you just might make someones day.



           I know its funny how you hear the above phrase and you just let out a little giggle cause its just  so obvious.We all say it (Y.O.l.O) whenever we are doing something unusual.By this i mean… it’s always when we are bungee jumping and we are a little terrified but once we let it out… it feels so much better….and go for it.

Its also when we are compromising that we let out the phrase.For instance when we have deadlines to meet and we didn’t really work up to speed and as expected so we just summarize  and  say what ? Yes you got it.My sentiments about flashing the word at any time we want is not different at all.I say it too.Probably more than you do.

On a serious note though…. have we all sat back and really  listened to ourselves when we say that and to what we say it to?Its more than what we just mean.Its actually a very serious issue.We as humans actually live once.We are not cats who have nine lives…we actually have one and what do we do about it? Assume.We always assume that we will be there the next minute or the next day or year.Only until we are actually hit by that when we hear stories about deaths.


Then we see people mourning… then it hits us to reality… did they really work to their best?Did they tell their family they loved them?Was their last job worth it… will they go to heaven or to whatever other life they believed in?What have i actually done with my life?What??Thats when the phrase isn’t  as fun as it was before.

crying man

In summary… i think that before we all throw that phrase around …lets take a sec and think.. Is it really worth saying it…

ow well… Y.O.L.O.

Did i just ?


    She stood at the balcony of her condor facing the beach.She could feel the wind running through her  hair.She thought about him.He tapped her.They say great minds think alike but in this case.. it was more of telepathy.She knew those fingers and so she turned and planted a kiss on his lips.The smile he gave back just showed that it was mutual.Rhoda had not felt this much love in a long time… this was special.She knew it was.                                                                             

“Row… i need to tell you something.”….. Jason said.

“What is the matter Jason?” She said.

“i think….. i am……… “Jason took in a heavy breath.

“Stop it .. Jason.. you know i cannot handle this suspense.”

“well……. Roh”

wedding ring - Copy

“Will you marry me ? “He asked.

“i don’t know what to say Jason.. uhhhmmmm.”

“How about a yes”

“Yes yes yes … ” She said as tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. They hugged and so Rhoda knew that was why she was that happy and all. All she could think of now was the dress.. the design of the cake she wanted…. all the flowers… her flowermaids… oooh and the theme colour…. wow… so overwhelmed.

weddind dress - Copy - Copy                                                                   wedding cake - Copy - Copy


Jason left the house and went to tell his boys…. he was also excited.Rhoda was not even ready for all that… all she was feeling now was responsibility…. she knew there was a wedding coming soon. She had to be ready for it. She didn’t want to be like her friend Mellisa who didn’t fit into her dress on her wedding day  because it was all she could find. No…no…no.She just could  not.

She wanted her book.She always wanted a wedding.She had a dream wedding…she went to her drawer to get her book.When she was getting her  book, she saw a hand written piece of paper.Maybe it was hers.It was not.It was from  a lady written to Jason.

Dear Jason,

It is with sad regret the that i convey this news to you in sadness and in this way. Jay i am pregnant.

Six months pregnant.I know that it is not at my position or right to convey to you this news but  i

have to because i am in no position to raise this child on my own.Jay… i am asking for your support

,i know you have a wife that you love with all your strength,she doesn’t have to know about it.That is

all i want .

Yours  Judy.

Rhoda sobbed. With that ring she just got… this is what she dared to find,why did this happen to her. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone to look,or she should just pretend and let it pass…. but why?Jason… why?All her dreams were crushed.

crying woman

Her house was  ablaze.Her feeble heart was torn.She could not let another woman come between them.Just when it started…..

burning house



     Without GOD… there is no love nor can there be family.These are the three most basic things apart from the normal food,clothing and shelter and the newly invented car… BMW…. wink… In my opinion,i consider love the illuminating factor between family and of course need i mention my significant other…*sigh.

                                  Bottom line is my short heading … Dont be a slug… just refer back up there  ;]